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new releases of sfApplicationMapPlugin

application map

sfApplicationMapPlugin is an easily configurable documentation-generator tool. It generates a graphical map of your applications using GraphViz software. It is useful when you want to have an overwiev of a specific application or of a whole project - each module/admin-module is marked with all actions and their comments. Take a look at the plugin readme tab to see some examples. You need to have GraphViz installed on your system to use the plugin.

new release

New plugin versions supporting symfony 1.2-1.4 has been released. Thanks to bugs reported by Gordon Bazeley, the plugin should work correctly with no dependency on operating system.

an official GraphViz-based software

sfApplicationMapPlugin is listed as a Software Engineering Tool on the official Graphviz website.

todo and contribution

The main thing to be done is supporting plugins used in projects. Any contribution is welcome, as well as bug reports and questions.

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